SPRINGFIELD – For the seventh time in less than two years, Illinois has seen another improved bond rating. S&P Global Ratings – one of the nation’s major rating agencies – announced upgrades Thursday thanks to the fiscally responsible decisions made by Illinois Democrats.

State Senator Elgie R. Sims Jr. – the Senate Appropriations Committee chair and Majority Caucus Appropriations leader – released the following statement:

“Today’s news is yet another sign the years of fiscal responsibility from the General Assembly is paying off. In recent years, we have been able put money back in the pockets of the state’s hardworking families and provide funding for the people who need the most help – all while paying down our bill backlog. Illinois is a standout state when it comes to putting the needs of our residents first, and we do so in a responsible and equitable way.

“S&P Global Ratings’ upgrade of Illinois bonds shows our fiscally responsible budgeting approach is working and is independent proof that our state is headed in the right direction. Our future looks bright and I look forward to continued collaborative efforts during this year’s budget negotiation process to keep the state on this upward economic trajectory.”